Struggle Kids to Protest On Election Day

A GROUP of 39 ‘children of the liberation struggle’, who are still camping at the Omhito village near Eenhana in the Ohangwena region, are planning to demonstrate on election day.

These young people have been camping at the village since 18 March 2013 in efforts to secure jobs from government.

The aggrieved ‘struggle kids’ are planning to stage a street protest at the town if not granted jobs before the Presidential and National Assembly elections scheduled for 28 November 2014.

Speaking to journalists at their campsite on Monday, the group said they are fed up with empty promises made to them by government officials on several occasions.

From the original 375 ‘struggle kids’, only about 10 of have been employed in different government ministries, while the rest withdrew from the protest.

They were forcefully removed from the Swapo Party office at Eenhana by the local police, before deciding to set up camp at the Omhito village, located some 3km from Eenhana.

“We will be in the street on election day to demand jobs if government fails to grant us jobs before that day,” spokesperson of the group Johannes Nghilifilwa said.

He noted that they are going through prolonged suffering since March 2013, because government allegedly continues to ignore their demands.

Apart from their main demand for employment, the group wants government to also provide them with shelter, as most of their tents are now in a dilapidated state.

“We need clean water here because the available water is contaminated. We also want the government to provide us with food as we have no money to buy food,” the group demanded.

Five members of the group are mothers with small babies, and they demand government protection for their babies during the approaching rainy season.

Several towns in Namibia, including the capital, are experiencing groups of protesting ‘children of the liberation struggle’, demanding to be given jobs in government ministries.

– Nampa

Source : The Namibian