Student Day Enhances Quality

Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu has praised the University of Namibia (Unam) for initiating platforms intended to enhance the provision of quality education.

Sampofu heaped praise on the Unam satelitte campus at Katima Mulilo that recently celebrated Student Quality Day. The day is an annual event at Unam meant to enhance excellence and improve quality. Sampofu said a platform such as this fulfills the ideals of inclusiveness in the education sector. “Gone are the days when all the crucial decisions regarding education were left to the authorities. With our country’s independence came democracy not only at the political level, but in all areas including education. I was informed that through this platform, students get to celebrate quality at Unam as well as raise issues that may hamper quality,” he said. He applauded Unam for setting up a centre entrusted with maintaining quality and he further noted that Unam has become a centre of excellence in the international arena.

“I see the empowerment of students to make productive decisions that shape education. I congratulate Unam through the Centre for Quality Assurance and Management for this. It has changed the face of Unam in the international arena,” Sampofu said. According to Sampofu Vision 2030 will not be attained without a well-educated student population. “As part of the ultimate Vision 2030 through which Namibia aspires to have a population of healthy, well-educated students that display a positive attitude towards themselves, fellow citizens, their country and the world,” he said.

A live band from Zambia and traditional performances by the students enlivened the event that attracted students and academic staff from other campuses. An exhibition also accompanied the event.

Source : New Era