Students Blame NamWater for Failing

A GROUP of the NamWater Human Resources’ Development Centre (HRDC) students say the institution is to blame for their failure to pass the first level of their studies.

The group of 10 female students, who are pursuing a three-year certificate course in Office Administration at the NamWater HRDC, have failed level one of their course for two consecutive years.

They allege that a lack of lecturers at the centre has contributed to their situation.

They started with level one on 3 January 2012, and are now demanding to be moved to level two.

The group sought assistance from the office of Okahandja Constituency Councillor Steve ‘Biko’ Booys on Wednesday, claiming that some of their lecturers tell them that they are just volunteers or helping out, and are not responsible for teaching them.

They also claim that the lack of lecturers has resulted in not many classes being taught, adding that they sometimes receive text messages, informing them that their lessons for the day would not take place. The group says they have previously also been required to write external examinations, while they apparently did not receive any lectures, or only received lectures before the examinations would start.

The students furthermore say they paid N$1 500 per student at the beginning of the course, and were informed that they are studying with loans from the Namibia Financial Students’ Assistance Fund (NFSAF).

However, they never saw the agreement papers between them and the fund, or signed letters stipulating that they had acquired loans.

They now want to be allowed to complete the course this year, or alternatively, want a refund of the N$1 500 for the course registration and N$450 for examinations.

A total of 28 students had registered for the course in January 2012, but only 14 are still studying Office Administration.

The group claimed that they sent a letter to the office of NamWater chief executive officer (CEO) Vaino Shivute, but did not receive any assistance, hence their decision to turn to Booys.

Approached for comment on Wednesday, the Namwater HRDC Manager Richard Kharuchab denied all the claims levelled against the institution by the students.

He told this news agency most of the students have been failing some units, and therefore could not be promoted to level two.

“Even if you fail one unit out of the nine, you will have to redo the unit which was failed. They unfortunately cannot be moved on, it is an unfortunate situation,” he stressed.

He denied claims that there is a lack of lecturers for that course, and said he will enquire from the lecturers why they claim to be volunteers and not being responsible for teaching students.

Kharuchab said he is disappointed in the students for approaching the constituency councillor for assistance, saying there are internal procedures to be followed, which they did not follow.

The Office Administration certificate course was introduced in January 2012.


Source : The Namibian