Students Demand Exam Ban Reversal

UNIVERSITY of Namibia student representatives have petitioned the vice-chancellor Lazarus Hangula to revoke the cancellation of three of the four examination papers that were allegedly leaked last Thursday.

Some students said exam leaking at the institution was rampant.

The leak was discovered when fourth year students were writing the Strategic Human Research Management paper and the examination was stopped.

They had already written three other papers – Human Resource Management, Strategic Marketing and Financial Management as well as Management Information Systems and Operations Management – which were also cancelled, affecting about 100 students.

In the petition, the students requested the university to suspend a registrar who has been at the helm of running the examinations at the institution.

They also requested that the three examinations that had already been written to be counted and for normal examinations to continue. The students’ representative secretary for information and publicity, Ernest Groenewald, said they had given the university an ultimatum to respond by today.

“We give the university up until 10h00 to meet our demand or we will go ahead and file a court application,” said Groenewald.

Unam’s director of communications, Edwin Tjiramba, confirmed yesterday that Hangula had received the petition but said he is not sure whether the vice-chancellor has pronounced himself on it yet.

Although the university’s spokesperson, John Haufiku, declined to disclose how the leak happened, saying doing so would affect investigations that are underway, several students alleged that the paper was given to one student, who sold copies to others.

Haufiku told The Namibian there will be no supplementary examinations in those modules during the Unam calendar between 23 June and 27 June. He said students will, however, have a chance to sit the examinations during the second semester at dates to be communicated.

The papers will be thus treated as first examinations, with supplementary examinations for students who get between 45% and 49%.

Further information availed to The Namibian show that the papers were leaked by one of the lecturers’ assistants to some students. However, a disgruntled student who failed to access the papers was upset and wrote an email to the lecturers, alerting them that the paper was circulating. In the email the student also implicated the suspected leak.

Students who spoke to The Namibian on condition of anonymity, said this was not the first time examination papers had been leaked at the institution.

“In the past it was just not reported because students would SMS each other about where to get the papers. This has been the norm that some of them get to see the papers first and at times we have seen those who benefited,” said one student. The students also expressed concern that they believe this happens a lot because their papers come unsealed, compared to other faculties where examination papers come sealed.

Students also pointed out that when they wrote their financial management module, their lecturer had forgotten to print the examination papers.

“When he went back to print, he brought the papers but he forgot to print the tables that are to accompany the papers. When he went back 30 minutes later he brought back the wrong tables, and we all just realised after we finished writing that we had the wrong tables.

Students pleaded that should Unam reschedule the examination for the second semester, they should give them proper exam timetables, considering that they will have more modules to attend to.

Source : The Namibian