Supervisor ‘Harasses Female Guards’

Employees of Dibasen Security Services are at daggers drawn with their supervisor Lucky Sipunga over various issues including starvation wages and alleged harassment. The unpopular Sipunga reportedly summarily fired eight of the company’s employees recently.

Sipunga also stands accused of having failed to pay his subordinates for several months. Dibasen staff in Tsumeb further accused their supervisor of having sexually and verbally harassed some of the female guards.

They also accuse Sipunga of exploiting them as he allegedly pays some of them as little as N$500.

“At the time of our recruitment he promised to pay us on the 15th of every month but we get paid as late as the 27th. They promised to pay us N$2 000 but we get as little as N$500. The highest amount received is N$1 300, this is not fair,” lamented one of the disgruntled guards Selma Nafuka.

The eight dismissed employees told this journalist their former supervisor feels he is above the law and his confidence is sky-high as they claim he at one time said he was untouchable. “He told us that even if we go to the police, the councillor or the ministry of labour there is nothing they can do to him,” claimed Dellmekcher Linonoka another former employee of the company.

The employees have allegedly been complaining since 2012 and have gone to the labour ministry on countless occasions but to no avail.

Johannes Andapo said he has not been paid for three months that he spent in hospital for a work-related injury for which he was also not compensated.

“Before you sign in for work he calls you into his office and requests sexual favours. The consequences of turning down his sexual aances are unbearable and countless female security officers have quit due to this,” one guard said.

“He pays us at night sometimes as late as 20h00 or around 02h00 during which time he makes his sexual aances on us,” said Linonoka.

Frans Simon an employee who is still with Dibasen claims he has not been paid above N$600 per month since he started working for the company last November.

“Out of nine employees who went to complain about late salaries and lack of payment seven were fired on the spot. I do not even know for certain how much I will be getting paid in the coming month,” said Simon.

Feblonia Haindaka said her supervisor called her a “witch” when she enquired about her salary.

“You Kavangos are a bunch of witches! Stop making noise and just bring back my uniform and do not ask me about money again,” she said she was told.

Selma Ivula and Ndapewa Hailonga claim they have not been paid since they started work in February.

When approached for comment Sipunga denied all allegations of sexual harassment.

“I have a steady girlfriend and have never asked anyone for sex. I never fired anyone – they are all welcome to their jobs if they want them. As far as payment is concerned I do not pay anyone, I am simply an employee. Those people who went on strike are mostly employees who are on final warning and do not respect my authority because of my age,” countered Sipunga.

Source : New Era