Suspected Buffalo Poachers in Court

Three men who were caught with a skinned buffalo carcass appeared in court on Monday facing multiple charges of poaching.

The three were caught red-handed while delivering buffalo meat to prominent Zambezi businessman, Progress Sipapela, last Friday.

Members of the police and officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) made the arrest following a tip off from Sipapela.

Sipapela alerted MET after the men delivered buffalo meat to his residence instead of beef, as he had initially agreed with the suspects.

The three were later joined by another suspect, who was arrested later on suspicion that he transported the beast from where it was poached to a village in the Sachinga area.

The suspects have been identified as Roster Mukendwa Mazila (34), Jonasi Mayumbelo (31), Ruben Mbala (32) and Telecom Namibia employee, Agrey Pumulo Luseso – age unknown, who was arrested after the trio reported him as an accomplice.

The four, who were granted bail of N$2 000 each, face charges of hunting of huntable game, hunting on state land, sale of game meat and transportation of game meat without a permit.

They were not asked to plead and their case was postponed to January 26. Margistrate Nomsa Sibanda presided over the case while George Matali prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the veterinary office is yet to conduct tests on suspicious frozen meat that was impounded from Sipapela’s house on the same day. Chief Warden for Parks and Wildlife Management in the region, Morgan Saisai, was still adamant that the meat in question is game meat, most probably buffalo meat.

“We have not yet concluded the tests but it is clear that the meat is game meat and most probably buffalo meat. The owner has not also come forward to claim it. We would need proof of purchase for that meat if it was not bought illicitly,” stated Saisai.

Source : New Era