Suspected Cattle Rustlers Attack Livestock At Otjinene

RESIDENTS of a village in the Otjinene constituency of the Omaheke region are living in fear of suspected cattle rustlers at their village.

Various incidents of cattle being slashed with pangas and attacked in other ways, purportedly for meat, have been reported at the Okauua village, located some 35 kilometres (km) east of Otjinene.

At one homestead at the village, a cow was last week slashed on the ankle with a panga. A deep wound was inflicted on the cow’s ankle as a result of the attack.

The cow, belonging to Hianjoka Tjatindi, a farmer at Okauua, has since developed difficulties in grazing as it cannot walk properly.

Another heifer, also belonging to Tjatindi, was stabbed with a home-made spear in its stomach a day after the first attack.

Himeekaruka Tjatindi, a son of the cattle owner, told Nampa on Thursday that the heifer returned with the spear still stuck in its stomach.

After pulling out the weapon, which had penetrated the cow’s stomach to a depth of about 10cm, the younger Tjatindi and fellow villagers applied home remedies to mend the hole in the stomach.

“We were shocked to see such brutal acts being perpetrated against our cattle. How does one stab a cow with an assegai (spear) or slash its ankles? These are very strange attacks and one can deduce that cattle rustlers are at work here,” he said.

Tjatindi said they tried to track the cows to their grazing pastures in an effort to establish what exactly transpired, but to no avail.

“We thought that perhaps we will find tracks of people or any form of evidence we can use to trace the perpetrators, but we found nothing. Surely, this is the work of professional cattle thieves who want to kill these animals for meat,” he noted.

Other villagers admitted that there have been an increasing number of animals going missing at the village.

Although they are yet to experience attacks on their animals in the form of slashed ankles, villagers said such practices could result in lawlessness as they will protect their livestock against all odds.

“We will never allow cattle thieves to intimidate us. We will spend our last resources to make sure that we fight them,” said a man who only identified himself as Tjipura.

– Nampa

Source : The Namibian