Suspended DTA SG rubbishes plans to quit party

RUNDU: Suspended DTA of Namibia secretary-general Vincent Kanyetu has rubbished reports that he intends to resign from the party, although he has admitted that other political parties approached him to join them.

Kanyetu along with party coordinators for the Kavango East and West regions were suspended with immediate effect last month.

The two coordinators are Boniface Kashera, regional coordinator for Kavango West; and Reinhilde Kudumo, regional coordinator for Kavango East.

The party’s president, McHenry Venaani announced their suspension at a media conference held on 29 April, saying various irregular activities have come to the party’s attention which involves a number of party leaders within the DTA.

Venaani, who declined to reveal what the allegations against these members are, said the party has commenced with investigations into the matter against the suspended members and anyone else that may have been involved in such activities directly or indirectly.

Nampa has however learned that the suspension of the trio centers around the dubious sale of property owned by the party.

The suspended DTA chief administrator told this news agency on Monday he does not have any intention to resign or join another political party, although according to him the suspension was not procedural.

He said such reports are devoid of any truth, saying “some people just want to use the suspension as an opportunity to lure him into their party because he has lost his monthly income”.

Kanyetu said high-placed party officials from four political parties approached him, but did not say who the officials were.

“Why should I resign from the party? I am born a DTA, the party will forever be in my blood,” he said.

He went on to say this is not his first time he is suspended from the party, as he was previously suspended by then DTA president Katuutire Kaura when he advocated for Kaura to step down from the party because he had been president for more than two five-year terms.

Kanyetu said his interest in the party was not for personal benefit, but to serve the interest of the nation.

The Deputy Regional Coordinators for Kavango West and East, Adriano Simon and Lukas Simbombo are acting in the two suspended party coordinators’ positions until the investigation has been completed.