Suzuki Gypsy Now Available in Nam

A clear distinction needs to be made between all-wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles. The easiest way to tell is that a 4×4 has long range, whereas an AWD vehicle is parked on a pavement at Maerua Mall.

The Jimny falls firmly in the first category. With low range and impeccable off-road capabilities, it’s as 4×4 as they come. But what if you need a 4×4 the size of a Jimny, but with a load bin? Well, then there’s the Gypsy of course, Suzuki’s newest addition to the family.

The Gypsy is set to turn the off-road market on its head and Suzuki Namibia now offer this quirky little vehicle for the astonishing price of N$ 143 520. Not bad for a rocky mountain, four wheel half tonner, eh?

The Gypsy is powered by a 60kw 1300cc petrol motor that provides 103nm torque. Doesn’t sound like much? The Gypsy sports a kerb weight of 985kg 103nm torque does it just fine.

The interior is sparse, with only the bare essentials dotted throughout. There’s no ABS, airbags or even a radio, but if you require any of these features, the Gypsy is not the vehicle you should be looking at. Standard features include a canvas top for the load bin, a vanity mirror and some carpets.

There’s no doubt that the exterior is supremely out-dated, but again the Gypsy is targeted at those who prefer function and affordability over form. Sporting solid front axles on leaf springs, the Gypsy promises to be every bit as capable off-road as its posh cousin, the Jimny, and the price just makes it a so much sweeter deal. Keep a close eye on the Gypsy, this little half tonner is the beginning of an era. The Suzuki Gypsy is now available from Suzuki Namibia.

Source : The Namibian