Swakara Pelt Prices a Cause for Concern 47 Seconds Ago

Swakara pelt producers have been urged to always strive to produce top quality pelts, which begins with selecting the right genetics, taking good care when splaying pelts and increasing productivity.

Said Dagmar Honsbein, General Manager of Agra ProVision: “Only then can we avoid the ongoing situation of buyers requesting to buy outside the auction at a cheaper price,” she said, referring to the drop of 12.37 percent in the average pelt price at the recently held Kopenhagen Fur Auction in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was speaking at a recent Swakara presentation held in Keetmanshoop.

“As a producer, you always need to be prepared to find out what the market needs. Only then can you produce products that the market will consume,” said Agra board member and Swakara producer, Leon van Wyk.

Wessel Visser, Agra ProVision’s Manager of Social Business and Services made a comparison to the April 2014 auction and the previous six auctions, showing that the average price for the spotted Swakara was continuously decreasing and since April 2013 the price had decreased from N$500 to N$200.

Source : New Era