Swakop By-Election Results Expected Tonight

IF all goes according to plan the new Swakopmund constituency councillor will be known by latest midnight, according to Electoral Commission of Namibia director Paul Isaak.

Isaak told a press conference earlier today that the Swakopmund constituency by-election had gone without “significant hiccups” since the 22 poling stations opened at 07h00. By 11h00 about 1 000 people had voted but Isaak said that the ‘charge’ for the stations will be from 17h00.

In the event of technical glitches, the 102 officials on the ground will still ensure that every voter has the opportunity to cast their ballot – even if it means reverting to a manual process instead of the electronic voting machines.

“The Presidential and National Assembly elections were held on a public holiday last year, so the people were voting throughout the day. Today is a normal working day so most voters are expected to arrive after 17h00. The slow start and pace up to now is not due to voters’ apathy but to working hours,” he explained.

According to Isaak, the latest figures shows that Swakopmund constituency has about 29 000 registered voters not 26 000 as stated earlier by ECN officers.

Isaak, who is also registered as a voter in Swakopmund cast his vote in a process he said took about four minutes.

The candidates contesting for the seat left by the late Germina Shitaleni are Juuso Kambueshe (Swapo), Marius !Uwu-Gaeb (UDF), Uahimisa Kaapehi (Nudo) and Magrietha Hochobes (DTA).

A media conference is scheduled for 22h00 where Isaak is expected to announce the results.

Source : The Namibian