Swakop mini-bus operators return to taxi rank

SWAKOPMUND: Long-distance mini-buses operators who were illegally loading passengers at the Swakop Truck Port since last Thursday, have returned to their rightful loading zone.

This was confirmed to Nampa by the Secretary-General of the Namibia Public Passenger Transport Association (NPPTA), Nathan Africa here on Thursday.

On Thursday last week, minibus operators at the taxi rank in the Mondesa residential area decided to abandon that loading zone to operate illegally at the Engen Service Station, also known as the Swakop Truck Port.

They complained that pirate taxis and vehicles not registered to transport passengers are robbing them of customers at that service station.

The buses transport passengers from the coastal towns to Windhoek and the northern regions, and between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

The aggrieved drivers said it was unfair that people who are not paying transport levies should benefit from transporting passengers.

Africa said a meeting between his union and the Swakopmund Municipality’s traffic department on Thursday morning resolved that the bus operators return to the taxi rank.

He further said this was done with the promise that traffic officers will make sure that there will be no illegal loading of passengers at the truck port anymore.

Meanwhile, the NPPTA will take over the management of the Swakopmund taxi rank in Mondesa during the course of this month.

“The association and the municipality will sign the agreement in the course of this week, so that NPPTA can start managing the taxi rank,” said Africa earlier.

The municipality approved NPPTA’s request to run the rank, with the aim of them taking over the taxi rank’s management is to ensure order, security and the smooth running of the business there.