Swakop municipality to formalise DRC

SWAKOPMUND: The Swakopmund Muncipality will allocate N.dollars 24.2 million for the formalization of the DRC informal area during the 2014/2015 financial year, a town council member has said.

“The formalisation of the DRC informal area is budgeted at N.dollars 24.2 million. This will be the council’s contribution towards the formalisation of the DRC area, while it is also anticipated that additional funds will be available to our council by the central government under the mass housing initiative,” the chairperson of the Swakopmund Municipality Management Committee, Alderwoman Rosina //Hoabes said during a council meeting here last Thursday.

For the completion of a multi-purpose centre, renovation of the museum and other council buildings in the town, the council allocated N.dollars 19.5 million.

An amount of N.dollars 19.4 million was also allocated for the installation of services at Block 2 in Tamariskia, which will enable the preparation of the land with the aim to make erven available to the public.

The remaining part of the funds will be allocated towards the future planning of serviced land for further development of the town, //Hoabes noted.

An amount of N.dollars 11.7 million will be used to improve the current service delivery of refuse removal, and also to cater for the newest development of the town.

This budget allocation will also be used to rehabilitate the old dumping site, and to purchase a new skip container truck.

An amount of N.dollars 11.2 million was allocated for the construction of business and market stalls, while an amount of N.dollars 7 million is earmarked for the industrial park, of which Phase One will cater for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs).

An amount of N.dollars 8.5 million is furthermore earmarked for the relocation of the sewerage block system of the Mondesa and Tamariskia townships.

Hoabes expressed concern that the current situation in Mondesa in terms of regular sewerage blockages is not reflecting the living standards the council is wishing for its inhabitants.

“The general welfare of Swakopmunders living in the close vicinity where this frequently occurs is of concern to council. Therefore, council is planning to relocate the entire sewerage system,” she stressed.

On traffic-related services, the seasoned town official said an amount of N.dollars 1.7 million will be utilised to replace the current old fleet of the traffic section.

Meanwhile, the operational budget is reflecting a deficit of more than N.dollars 2,4 million.

Hoabes said with the necessary budgetary and financial control measures in place, this would be transformed into a surplus through savings and additional revenue as from 30 June 2015.