Swakop Not Just for Rich and Famous

The leadership of Swakopmund must make sure that the town does not become a world class resort only for the rich and famous, the Swapo Party Secretary General, Nangolo Mbumba, told party members at a by-election rally in Swakopmund on Saturday.

Swakopmund Constituency holds a by-election this coming Friday, May 29, to replace councillor Germina Shitaleni who died of cancer early this year.

Swakopmund mayor Juuso Kambueshe is the Swapo candidate for the by-election.

Other contesting political party candidates are Uahimisa Kaapehi for Nudo, Christa Hochobes for the DTA and Marius !Uwu-Gaeb of the UDF.

“Independence is not only for the rich or top members but for every citizen of our country,” Mbumba said, adding that Namibia cannot afford to have others enjoying the benefits of Swakopmund or the town mainly focussing on tourism activities, while ordinary residents remain at the receiving end.

He called on the party’s candidate Kambueshe, who currently serves as the town’s mayor, to take actively part in community affairs and take care of the town’s residents.

“Don’t allow our children to suffer in poverty. The rich of Swakopmund must also assist the needy residents of the town build a classroom when the need arises. Development is a collective matter and should not only be addressed by government. Kambueshe, you have a duty towards all residents of the town, you have been elected to serve them,” said Mbumba.

Mbumba urged Kambueshe also to take a look at informal settlements. He then instructed Kambueshe to do home visits in every part of the town.

“You must go from house to house in every street and talk to your people. Nobody should feel left out and die from hunger. Access to basic services such as water, electricity and sanitation should be accessible to all residents – be it in the suburbs or informal settlements,” he elaborated.

He said those who want houses must actively take part in government initiatives. “It is not only about putting your name on a list and waiting. Take part in the construction and be part of the whole process. You cannot do nothing and expect something in return,” he added.

He added that the entire SADC region is struggling with the land issue. According to him the land issue is a sensitive matter that requires patience.

“This is not an issue we need to argue about it. Let us listen to the government how they can solve it. I am optimistic that our president will come up with a workable solution for it. However the government must also listen to its people. We must all do the right thing and support the government in its quest to solve the land issue,” he said.

Source : New Era