Swakopmund Municipality revises property policy to empower political parties

WINDHOEK: The Swakopmund Municipality has revised its property policy in an effort to empower political parties registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to purchase land in the town.

This was the response of the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Charles Namoloh to questions posed to him by Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Member of Parliament (MP) Anton von Wietersheim in Parliament on Thursday.

Von Wietersheim wanted to know if the minister is aware that the Swakopmund Municipality is seeking his (Namoloh) approval for the alienation of a N.dollars 2.6 million property of 4,463 square metres in a prime location, which was sold to the Swapo party for N.dollars 30 000.

Namoloh affirmed, saying the property policy is not only in favour of Swapo, but it is meant for any registered political party.

He explained that if the RDP or the DTA of Namibia apply for land in Swakopmund, they will be treated in a similar way.

According to Von Wietersheim, the ruling Swapo-Party has been utilising the huge property under false pretenses for over 20 years at virtually no cost and at the expense of the majority of suffering residents, especially in the informal settlement of DRC.

Namoloh said it is not right to say that Swapo has been utilising the property at no cost, as all costs of the transaction including costs of statutory processes have been on the account of Swapo.