Swakopmund Tables N$175 Million Capital Budget 21 Seconds Ago

The Swakopmund Town Council has tabled a N$175 million capital budget for the 201415 financial year.

At least N$88 million of the budget will go towards the completion of current projects and the remaining N$86 million is for new projects.

The council will also allocate N$24.2 million for the long awaited formalisation of the informal Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC) located on the outskirts of the town, the chairperson of the management committee Rosina Hoabes indicated when tabling the budget two weeks ago.

A further N$19.4 million is for the provision of serviced land for Block 2 in Tamariskia suburb.

A total of N$35.8 million was allocated for the resurfacing of streets and roads, while N$39 million was allocated for the completion of the effluent purified reservoir, as well as to expand effluent water supply to the rest of the town, develop public open spaces and parks as well as public gardens. Furthermore, a total of N$8.5 million is allocated for the re-location of the sewerage system between Mondesa and Tamariskia.

“The current situation in Mondesa of regular sewerage blockages does not reflect the living standards our council wishes for its inhabitants. The general welfare of residents living in close vicinity where these blockages frequently occur is of a major concern to council and therefore we are planning to relocate the entire sewerage system,” Hoabes explained.

Traffic services received N$1.7 million to replace the current old fleet, while public buildings were awarded N$19.5 million.

The bulk of the funding would be for the completion of the Swakopmund Multi-Purpose Centre, renovations to the museum and the Woermann House Building and several other buildings of the council.

Hoabes also said N$11.2 million was allocated for the construction of business and market malls of the industrial park for small businesses.

Source : New Era