Swamped Schools Resume Classes

Several schools that were swamped by floods in the Kabbe constituency over a month ago resumed classes yesterday, kicking of the second trimester after coming from an enforced month-long break.

There were fears that the flood waters that left many schools inundated last month would still be there by the time of the reopening, a situation that would have affected many learners, however thankfully most of the water has receded. Zambezi regional education director Austin Samupwa confirmed that all the affected schools resumed like the rest, since water levels have subsided significantly.

Three schools at Mpukano, Muzii and Nankuntwe – in the eastern floodplains of the Zambezi Region were overwhelmed by floodwaters last month. In total over 500 learners and their teachers faced serious sanitation challenges such as a lack of safe drinking water and concerns over inadequate ablution facilities. Learners were also forced to cross streams in dugout canoes to attend school, making them vulnerable to drowning and crocodile attacks. Other schools such as Namiyundu, Masikili and Ivilivinzi also faced a similar situation, but are also set to open today.

Source : New Era