Swanu Promises Its Supporters Land

THE oldest party in the country, Swanu of Namibia has promised to give land to all and provide free tertiary education should they win the upcoming elections scheduled for November.

Party president Usutuaije Maamberua, said this at the launch of the party’s pre-election campaign held at Ombili location in Windhoek on Saturday.

Speaking to a small group of supporters, Maamberua promised that Swanu would give land to everyone if the party is voted into power: “People need land to feed themselves and to start up their businesses.”

Maamberua also said there will be free education at all levels, from pre-primary to tertiary education, “education is the greatest equaliser, all will get free education if we win.”

Chanting the party’s slogans, Maamberua said should the party come into power, it will even the unequal distribution of wealth and all people will share in the country’s wealth: “We are one of the richest countries in terms of raw materials and therefore, there should be wealth increment for everyone.”

Stressing this point, the party’s secretary general Tangeni Ijambo said the country indeed has a lot of natural resources in which all should be able to share, “Vote for us and you will be able to share”, he remarked.

Maamberua also said the party will tackle the issue of social justice and gender imbalance which are the main reasons of the high crime rate in Namibia.

“We can eradicate this crime rate if all structures achieve a gender balance. We (Swanu) are the first political party to obtain that 5050 balance,” said Maamberua.

Source : The Namibian