Swapo Aims for All Votes in Zambezi

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Stanely Simataa says Swapo wants a 100 percent landslide victory in the Zambezi in the elections on November 28.

Simataa made the remark when he addressed a Swapo rally at Linyanti some 80 kilometres west of Katima Mulilo on Sunday. Simataa reiterated that Swapo cares for its people and has brought many development projects that continue to improve the livelihood of all citizens.

“There is no other government that can bring you so many projects in a short period of time than Swapo. We cannot even begin to name them. Recently we were giving you free seeds. We want to get 100 percent in the Zambezi Region. We are very sure that in the Zambezi we will get 100 percent of the votes. Let’s all go and vote on the 28th of November,” urged Simataa.

Simataa further noted that testimony of the Swapo-led government caring for the people is the decision to increase the old age pension annually.

“The old age pension will be increased every year. A decision has already been taken. Don’t be misled by other parties. DTA used to rule here but only gave you N$50. Orphans never used to get anything before independence but they do now. And we have also decided to increase their grants depending on the availability of money,” said Simataa.

Simataa continued to list a number of completed and ongoing development projects of government, adding that there is a need for continuity in order to avoid the interruption of the government’s development agenda.

“We have a network tower now covering this area and all other areas in the Zambezi. You’re connected wherever you are. Very soon we will officially open the tar road in this area. Is that not what we call development? All that was brought by the Swapo-led government. Let’s not interrupt the development plans of Swapo Party,” noted Simataa.

“Swapo brings unity and peace because we are a party encompassing all ethnic tribes. Other parties are just tribal-based parties. I urge you to forge ahead with Swapo Party because Swapo Party is like a parent,” said Simataa who was inpressed with the huge turnout at the rally.

He poked fun at National Democratic Party (NDP) president Martin Lukato stating that Swapo Party is not in the habit of addressing empty chairs and trees.

“I am sure a lot of you have TVs and you saw one man addressing himself and trees in Windhoek. In Swapo we don’t do that, we have support all over,” he noted.

Source : New Era