Swapo complains about DTA and RDP flags at Onamhindi

ONAMHINDI; A senior police officer from the Onandjaba Police Station says nothing is wrong with different parties displaying their flags on one tree, as long as such a tree is not on privately-owned land.

Inspector Emma Taapopi said this while addressing members of the Swapo-Party, DTA of Namibia and the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) at Onamhindi village in the Omusati Region on Tuesday.

Taapopi and a number of NamPol officials went to Onamhindi to intervene in a dispute where members of the Swapo-Party accused DTA and RDP members of causing trouble by hoisting their parties’ flags on trees at the Ondjaba cuca shops.

Swapo has apparently been displaying its flag at the cuca shops for months now, while the RDP flag was put there a few weeks ago.

A heated dispute erupted on Saturday when a group of local young people who are supporters of the DTA, decided to hoist their party flag on one of the trees in the vicinity of the cuca shops.

The flags are displayed at separate places near the cuca shops, but a representative of the Swapo-Party at the meeting with the police on Tuesday, Elise Haufiku claimed that the opposition parties brought their flags there without the consent of the village headman.

Village headman Alfeus Nandjebo however told Taapopi the trees where the DTA and RDP placed their flags do not belong to private individuals and, as such, he has no objection to the hoisting of flags there.

The Swapo-Party members also wanted young people wearing DTA and RDP T-shirts to be ordered by the police to refrain from going into cuca shops belonging to supporters of the ruling party.

“I don’t think it is wrong for an RDP member to peacefully buy something he or she is in need of at a bar of a supporter of other political parties if the person is not causing trouble. However, report it to the police if anybody causes trouble,” Taapopi responded.

Haufiku also complained that DTA and RDP supporters disrupted a section committee meeting held under a tree near the cuca shops last weekend.

“Groups of young people wearing DTA and RDP T-shirts walked too close to our meeting place from two different directions,” she said when the police asked her to explain how the opposition members disrupted the meeting.

Taapopi advised members of political parties to inform the police when their rights are violated instead of taking the law into their own hands.

She also urged political parties to inform the police about any political meeting they plan to hold so that the police can maintain law and order during such gatherings.