Swapo Elders Aise Youth On Land

THE Swapo Party Elders’ Council has expressed unhappiness with the way the City of Windhoek and some youths have handled the contentious land issue.

The elders want the youth to consult them before taking any action and condemned the city for giving land to councillors, their children and ‘special’ members. They also spoke against the demolition of shacks in 8ste Laan informal settlement in Otjomuise.

The secretary of the elders’ council, Mukwaita Shanyengana, said the timing for the spat between the youth and council was wrong and the issue was worsened by the involvement of some Swapo leaders.

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) information secretary Job Amupanda, together with several friends, claimed a plot in Kleine Kuppe.

Amupanda said he can no longer afford the escalating rent for flats and town houses and that he had opted to settle in Kleine Kuppe ‘affirmatively’.

Shanyengana however felt that grabbing land was not the solution to the problem, but that a long-term solution needed to be found.

“I urge all youths to consult the elders to know the correct history of Namibia and to understand why the willing-seller-willing-buyer concept is so slow,” he said.

He also said the outdated laws used by the Windhoek municipality are frustrating those who want to acquire land.

“Our lawmakers need to have a clear understanding that they must improve the system and our people’s living standards. Therefore, some of those outdated laws and acts need to be amended immediately or scrapped,” he aised.

Shanyengana also said demolishing shacks was a major problem, and that sometimes the municipality says it is following the law. “Council should not be blind, but rather review the laws,” he said.

Amupanda welcomed Shanyengana’s aice, saying he respects him because he “does not only criticise us as young people but offers aice now and then”.

“We are going to run top speed to his house immediately,” he said, adding that Shanyengana has always been a clear revolutionary leader and his support is very encouraging.

“We are encouraged that he broke his silence on this land issue. We are going to sleep peacefully tonight,” Amupanda said, adding that although he has not read the statement yet, he heard that it is a very progressive one.

Shanyengana is one of the party members who started the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement and Rehabilitation in 1990. He co-drafted land resettlement programmes and categories of people eligible for resettlement, based on the thesis, “Towards Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: Policy for Independent Namibia”.

Source : The Namibian