Swapo-Party again proves a tough nut for opposition to crack in just-ended Windhoek West Constituency by-election

WINDHOEK: The Swapo-Party again proved a tough nut for the opposition to crack in the just-ended Windhoek West Constituency by-election.

The Swapo-Party’s candidate and member of the Swapo-Party Elders’ Council, George Trepper convincingly emerged the winner in the by-election with 2 685 votes.

Amongst his opponents, Maureen Dunn for the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) obtained 315 votes; Immanuel Benestes Auchamub for the DTA of Namibia obtained 205 votes; Joseph Amadhila for the Congress of Democrats (CoD) gained 53 votes; and Sophia Panizza of the Republican Party obtained 140 votes. No rejected votes were recorded.

A total of 3 398 votes were cast during the by-election on Friday from 07h00 until 21h00, when the polls officially closed for members of the public.

The final results of the Windhoek West by-election were officially announced by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) returning officer responsible for this by-election, John Jantjies at around 01h30 on Saturday morning.

This was done shortly after all the results obtained from the 13 fixed-point polling stations and eight mobile polling stations were verified by ECN officials in the presence of the representatives of all political parties which took part in the by-election at the Emma Hoogenhout Primary School in Hochland Park.

Trepper is expected to be sworn in as the duly-elected councillor for the Windhoek West Constituency within a week.