Swapo Party wins – Shifidi is new councillor of Endola

OSHAWAPALA: Swapo Party’s Ferdinand Shifidi, a retired principal, is the new councillor of Endola Constituency in the Ohangwena Region.

This was announced officially by the Electoral Commission of Namibia’s (ECN) Returning Oficer, Kerthu Shipoke after the final verification of the votes that were cast in the Endola Constituency by-election. The election results were announced at about 02h00 on Saturday.

Shifidi, 63, won the by-election with a clear majority of 6 633 votes.

His nearest challenger, 52-year-old Hafeni Pius of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) only managed 631 votes.

The Congress of Democrats’ (CoD) 32-year-old Venda Denis Kahangu, who also participated in the election, received just 68 votes.

A total of 7332 voters were cast in the one-day election.

More than 11 000 people have been registered as voters in the Endola Constituency.

The by-election in the Endola Constituency was necessitated by the death of former councillor Ruth Kepawa Nhinda in August this year.

Nhinda and Maria Tuleingepo Kombwana, who also died earlier this year, were the only female regional councillors in Ohangwena.

Another retired principal, Johannes Hakanyome of Swapo Party succeeded the late Kombwana after the by-election which was held in the Ohangwena Constituency in August this year.

The outcome of the Endola Constituency by-election means the 11-member Ohangwena Regional Council will now be served by a male-only regional leadership.

The Director of Elections, Professor Paul Isaak told reporters immediately after the election results announcement that that the Endola Constituency by-election was free, fair and credible.