Swapo, RDP Card Carrier Threatens to Sue

CLAIMS that the former deputy mayor of Okahandja was a dual card carrier might not be true after the Rally for Progress and Democracy member found her membership form to be a fraud.

RDP’s Andreas Kukuri, who had allegedly registered Paulina Gomusab Kuyandeka, said the form had two handwritings.

“I can confirm that I did not write the top part of the form but the signature and name is in my handwriting. To be sure that this form is legitimate (or not) I referred her to the district coordinator to check on the party’s database,” said Kukuri.

Calls to RDP’s district coordinator Christophine Paulus’s phone went unanswered. Media reports indicate that Kuyandeka was found to hold dual party membership of both Swapo and RDP in 2013. These revelations published by another local daily saw her get suspended as a Swapo member and lose a seat as a Swapo councillor.

Kuyandeka last week threatened to sue the RDP if they do not clear her name soon, as she had lost everything due to allegations that she was a member. According to her, she had never been a member of RDP and the supposed membership form that has her details is allegedly a fraud.

She said it was a plot to get rid of her as there were people within the Okahandja council that wanted her out, and this is why the form was forged.

“The form has my middle name written as Nedo, which also appears like that on my private car which I bought in 2012.The form must have been written recently since my actual middle name is spelled Neto. So they probably copied and pasted from my car,” said Kuyandeka, whose membership form states that she was registered in 2009.

RDP’s secretary general Mike Kavekotora said at the time of the media reports in 2013 all they had done was confirm her membership and according to the records she is a member and she had not resigned from the party.

“It’s our form and all details in it seem to be accurate. We cannot deny it. Her membership form was signed by our own member. If she wants to clear her name, she can go to the newspaper that reported about it,” said Kavekotora.

RDP’s spokesperson Nghiningiluandubo Kashume declined to comment on the issue, saying it was dealt with by the party’s executives and now a closed matter.

Source : The Namibian