Swapo romps to victory in the Omaheke Region

GOBABIS; The Swapo-Party has retained its grip on the Omaheke Region, winning five of the region’s seven constituencies in Friday’s National Assembly election.

The ruling party’s presidential candidate, Dr Hage Geingob, also took the largest chunk of votes in the Omaheke Region.

Swapo won in the Gobabis, Epukiro, Okorukambe, Otjombinde and Kalahari constituencies.

The provisional results released on Saturday indicate that Swapo romped to victory in the Omaheke Region, with slightly more than 50 per cent of the votes cast in its favour in the National Assembly election. Swapo received 16 783 votes cast for the party out of a total vote count of 30 022.

Its closest competitor was the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), with a total regional vote tally of 5 178.

The ruling party’s largest share of votes came from its traditional stronghold – the Gobabis constituency, where it received 5 490 votes out of a total 8 086 votes cast in the constituency.

The closest challenger to Swapo in the Gobabis constituency, DTA of Namibia, received 747 votes.

Nudo also held on to its traditional strongholds of Otjinene and Aminuis, where it relegated the ruling party to second place. It convincingly took Otjinene with 1 710 votes out of a total 3 495 votes cast in the constituency.

The party garnered 2 276 votes in Aminuis out of a total 5 097 votes cast in the constituency. Swapo’s votes for Otjinene and Aminuis stood at 1 158 and 1 268 respectively.

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), which once produced remarkable followings in Gobabis and Epukiro, failed to provide any competition to both Swapo and Nudo.

The party’s largest vote tally came from Gobabis with only 290 people voting for the party.

Swanu of Namibia, which once ruled the Otjombinde constituency, failed to prove its mettle against Swapo in that constituency. Although it came second to the ruling party, the vote difference between the two parties was not encouraging for Swanu.

Swanu attain 363 votes against the ruling party’s 1 221. The DTA was also in close tally behind Swanu with 322 votes in Otjombinde.

Relative newcomers, the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF); one-time official opposition Congress of Democrats (CoD) and the Christian Democratic Voice Party were the lowest performing parties in the region.

In the presidential race, Geingob took 18 510 votes out of a total 29 476 votes cast in the election. Asser Mbai of Nudo came in second with 4 930 votes. McHenry Venaani of DTA came in third with 3 001 votes. NEFF’s Jan Epafras Mukwiilongo was the lowest performing candidate, with only 87 people voting in his favour.