Swapo Sets Date for the ‘Pot’

SWAPO secretary general Nangolo Mbumba yesterday said the party’s elective college will be held from 29 to 31 of this month, after it was moved from the 25 and 27 July.

Mbumba said this at a media briefing in Windhoek, where he also defended the proposed constitutional amendments, saying the ruling party structures as well as the opposition party leaders were informed and consulted about them.

He said that all 84 members of the party’s central committee will be delegates although not all of them are candidates.

In addition, Mbumba said that 17 members of the National Assembly, who are not members of the CC, are also eligible to participate as candidates.

The youth league, the elders’ council and the unions will each send six delegates while the women’s council will send 10. Each of the 14 regions sends two candidates to the ‘Pot’ and four delegates who are not eligible for the ‘Pot’.

The early announcement of the dates for the ‘Pot’ had come as a surprise since the party often hosts the event during the last quarter of the year, just before the national and presidential elections.

On the changes to the Constitution, Mbumba said, these are required if Namibia is to have a new electoral law that guarantees free and fair elections.

He added that the Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development, Charles Namoloh, has also consulted national structures under his ministry.

According to Mbumba, it was not true that the laws are being made or changed to serve the interests of a few, but that the population is growing and the enlargement of the National Assembly will mean more young people can become members.

Mbumba said this is the third time that constitutional changes are made adding that previous changes did not come as a result of popular demand from the public, but from those tasked with the responsibility to do so. He said parliament has the duty to approve or reject the proposed changes.

Source : The Namibian