Swapo SG visits Kunene

OPUWO: The Swapo-Party Secretary-General, Nangolo Mbumba visited the Kunene Region on Sunday to streamline the Swapo regional executive members towards mobilising the masses in view of the upcoming elections.

He told Nampa after the closed-door meeting that his visit was an ordinary regional visit scheduled for all regions.

“We are going to have elections this year, and it is important to call for cooperation of the Swapo regional executives in the regions and the offices of the governors to work on unity in the party and mobilise the masses,” noted Mbumba.

Namibia will have Presidential and National Assembly elections in November this year.

He said the meeting with the Kunene regional Swapo executive did not discuss any big issues, besides the upcoming elections and how the party should keep all members united and focused.

The Kunene Regional Swapo Information and Mobilisation Officer, Julius Kaujova told this agency there is no disunity in the Swapo party in this region that he is aware of.

“This unity needs to be kept strong, and all members need to be reminded at all times to cooperate and work together for the party to remain strong,” he said.