Swapo shows early lead at LUderitz

LUDERITZ: Swapo is showing a strong early lead winning 174 of the 194 votes cast for one polling station at LUderitz.

The results were announced by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) at around 22h00 after the polls closed at 21h00 on Friday night.

The RDP was in second place with nine votes, followed by RP, NEFF and the DTA with two votes each. COD and Swanu received one vote respectively while APP and NUDO received none.

The process of releasing the votes is transparent, but slow. Everything is completed in front of ECN officials, party agents, the media, Namibian Police and other observers and every step verified. The voting machines are set up at a central place in full view of witnesses and onlookers. After the serial numbers are inspected, the results are printed and released; the machines are then sealed and thereafter finally are sealed in solid plastic boxes by the ECN and each party agent. All the seals are also verified.

The ECN was assisted technically by a representative of Bharat Electronics based in Bangalore, India. The electronic voting machines (EVMs) were bought from this company. Bharat Electronics provide training and technical support as part of the terms of the contract entered into with the ECN.

The results of the elections held for seamen will be added to the final Presidential and National Elections results on 28 November.