Swapo ‘Spies’ Anger Governor

THE Hardap governor, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, has expressed anger over Swapo Party members ‘spying’ on one another.

Speaking at the Hardap Swapo elective congress on Saturday where former regional councillor Karl Kisting and Karoline Pieters, according to party insiders, were elected as

nominees for the party’s upcoming electoral college,

“We must stop sneaking around with any clumsy agenda,” Hanse-Himarwa said.

She urged party members to desist from going to fellow affiliates’ houses or to follow them around for the purpose of spying on them.

“We must stick to the Swapo culture to protect each other. Down with agenda 2017, agenda 0000 or any other agenda. Don’t come to my house don’t follow me if you won’t say good things about me as a leader. We must protect each other, that is the culture of the Swapo Party,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

The governor also urged the party’s candidate, for the upcoming presidential election, Hage Geingob, to “deliver”.

Hanse-Himarwa, who doubles up as Swapo Party politburo member, is the second high ranking party member expressing concerns over spying.

In March this year, Swapo Party backbencher Kazenambo Kazenambo accused the government of tapping into and bugging people’s phones – a claim information minister Joel Kapanda has denied.

Kazenambo made the remarks about the alleged spy practices, he branded as “backward and dictatorial” while commenting on the budget vote of the Ministry of Safety and Security in the National Assembly.

Last week, some media reports said that President Hifikepunye Pohamba had requested the Namibian Intelligence Services to confirm or deny that his office had been bugged and conversations recorded.

The governor lashed out against tribalism within the party, saying those labelling people “Kwangaras or Hereros or others wanting to form an Ongandjera or Nama party must pack and go”.

She thanked the RP and UDF opposition political parties for publicly announcing their support for Geingob in the upcoming presidential elections and called on others to follow suit.

Hanse-Himarwa also chanted to Swapo supporters: “An injury to Hage Geingob is an injury to us. You touch Hage Geingob, you touch us. You touch Swapo, you touch us”.

Officiating at the Hardap elective extraordinary congress, Bernard Esau- who is one of the leaders assigned to the region and is fisheries and marine resources minister called on party members to ensure that people are registered to vote during the upcoming national and presidential elections.

“We must recruit people for Swapo. We should own the victory of Swapo,” said Esau.

For his part, Hardap Swapo party regional coordinator Stefanus Tiboth urged members to “remain committed to the interest of the party”.

Kisting, who is also the Hardap Swapo Elders Council regional coordinator, defeated the Rehoboth West district coordinator Willem Moller after he scored 33 votes out of 41.

The Hardap Swapo youth wing member, Menthol Links, who also contested in the male nomination race, was eliminated after he failed the vetting process. A party insider informed The Namibian that Links was disqualified because he was not a paid-up member.

Pitted against Mariental Rural Swapo district party member Olga Bok, and Daweb Constituency district party member Elizabeth Visser, Mariental Urban district party member Karoline Pieters won the race unopposed after both her opponents had failed the vetting process.

The Namibian understands that Bok was disqualified because she did not meet the 10-year party membership requirement, while Visser was found not to be a paid-up party member.

Source : The Namibian