Swapo supporters sell party flags near polling station

ARANDIS; Swapo-Party supporters allegedly sold party flags and wore hats in the Swapo colours close to the Arandis Town Hall polling station on Friday.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)’s returning officer for the Arandis Constituency, Tomas Mushimba told Nampa on Friday a member of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) informed the police that the Swapo supporters were selling items such as flags in the party’s colours close to the polling station.

According to the elections code of conduct, flags, T-shirts, hats and any other paraphernalia in party colours may not be worn or displayed within 500 metres (m) of a polling station.

The police had to inform the Swapo supporters to keep a distance of 500m from the polling station.

“They were selling their wares at the open market but the market is very close, maybe about 300m away. They were told to go a bit further away,” Mushimba said.

This reporter also witnessed a police officer at the same polling station informing a man wearing a Swapo hat to keep his distance from the area.

The man, who appeared not to have known that he is not allowed to wear party colours in the immediate vicinity of a polling station, cooperated and removed his hat.

The Arandis Constituency has five fixed polling stations and three mobile teams.