Swapo Suspends Amupanda

The Namibian has learned that Job Amupanda, who today resigned as information secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), was suspended by the party’s top four tonight.

Swapo’s top leadership decided to refer the cases of Amupanda, George Kambala and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma to a disciplinary committee at a hastily arranged meeting on Wednesday night. They are therefore suspended from all party activities, including those of its wings.

SPYL’s secretary, Elijah Ngurare, could not confirm or deny the suspension as he has not been informed by late Wednesday evening.

In a letter written to the Ngurare this morning, Amupanda states why he cannot continue in that position. He however decided to remain a member of the SPYL central committee.

“I am very biased, of course, to the youth, that I represent. Expectedly, those opposed to these principles, those who think our role must be tea boys clapping hands and singing songs found my character alien for they are used to obedient zombies who ask no question and get rewarded for their mediocrity and for maintaining silence,” he wrote.

The Namibian earlier on Wednesday saw a letter written by Veikko Nekundi, SPYL deputy secretary, to SPYL secretary Elijah Ngurare on 11 November calling for Amupanda’s suspension.

Amupanda and a few others decided to take matters into their own hands and grabbed municipal land in response to reports on how the Windhoek municipality has been dishing out land to councillors, their children and ‘special’ members of society.

The angry youth said they were tired of waiting for government since the country’s political leadership has proven to be reluctant to deal with the extremely high cost of urban land, housing and rentals.

They said ordinary citizens’ applications for land to build houses have been ignored by the municipality while property developers have been receiving large tracts of land to build town houses leaving people with no option but to rent from them.

Source : The Namibian