Swapo Targets Landslide Victory – Geingob

The Vice-President of Swapo Party, Dr Hage Geingob, disclosed that the party’s campaigns for the national elections scheduled for November this year will commence on 29 August followed by the launch of the party’s manifesto.

Geingob made the revelations on Tuesday when responding to a query by a Swapo supporter at a consultative meeting with the Swapo leadership, business community and relevant stakeholders held in Oshana Region.

In the same breath, Geingob urged Swapo supporters to come out en-masse and do what is required so that the ruling party wins the elections with a landslide victory.

Geingob also urged Swapo supporters to refrain from unlawful acts. He said complaints that there are “no go areas” should come to an end, adding that Swapo is a tolerant party with tolerant people.

“Swapo is a tolerant party, so be tolerant – don’t give them things to cry about, just defeat them,” said Geingob.

Geingob said Swapo supporters should vote for the party because of the progress made so far in the country under the Swapo-led government. He said complaints that the government has done nothing or little to improve the welfare of the Namibian nation hold no water.

“We have done a lot. What more do you want? Look at the capital – when we got there after independence it was just a small farm … look at it now. I can tell you what we have done,” said Geingob.

Moreover Geingob encouraged women to take up leadership positions. He said that the 5050 quota adopted by parliament is a human right and not a favour. He added that the 5050 quota is likely to bring about casualties with some veterans having to fall out, but he stressed that despite that it is still a human right.

“You cannot say you are equal and keep the women in the kitchen forever,” stressed Geingob. He added that there is no easy way to the 5050 quota – “it’s about whose time has come.” Geingob said he took cognizance that the government has not been all glory but applauded people’s tolerance, stressing that although the masses have been assisted, much still needs to be done in the education and health sectors.

Responding to participants’ questions, Geingob said the Procurement Bill was ready to be re-tabled in parliament. Additionally the Foreign Investment Bill is being localized so that it caters for the needs of local business.

Source : New Era