Swapo unhappy with Nudo politics in Okakarara

OKAKARARA: Swapo leaders in the Otjozondjupa Region on Wednesday criticised Nudo leaders here for promising people in the Okakarara Constituency jobs in return for becoming Nudo members.

During a media conference at the Swapo-Party district office here, Swapo’s Okakarara District Mobiliser, Eliah Nguarambuka said some National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) leaders have promised jobs to residents of Okamatapati, Otjinene, Okakarara and Okondjatu if they become Nudo members.

Flanked by Otjozondjupa Regional Swapo-Party co-ordinator Susan Hikopua and her special advisor Otto Ipinge, Nguarambuka singled out Nudo’s Okamatapati co-ordinator, Ronny Mbai, as one of those making such promises.

He said Mbai started going around the Okamatapati streets, informing people that whoever wants a job on the new tar road under construction here, must register with him, so that he could submit his/her name to the office of the Okakarara Constituency councillor.

The new tar road under construction between Otjinene-Okondjatu-Okamatapati and Grootfontein.

Contacted for comment on Thursday, Mbai explained that the meeting on 06 March was to discuss their gathering in Otjinene from 21 to 23 March 2014, adding that people are now mixing his goodwill and political life.