Swapo Urged to Keep Opportunists At Bay

Namibia National Labour Organisation (Nanlo) President Evilastus Kaaronda says the ruling party Swapo has been infiltrated by “opportunists” whose behaviour has diluted its original principles.

Because such opportunists lack genuine intentions, the party has at times struggled to reciprocate the faith placed in it by the electorate, the former NUNW secretary general opined.

Speaking to New Era last week, the outspoken Nanlo president listed the Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth (Tipeeg), the distribution of fish quotas and the mass housing scheme as some of the programmes the government could have implemented much more effectively if sufficient public consultations were done with the people the programmes are meant to benefit.

Kaaronda warned that the ruling party risked facing a backlash from its members if its leadership continued to ignore the principles of democracy on which the party was founded.

“Like many others, I do not agree with the way the party does things at the moment, and the leadership must remember that they come and go but the party remains,” he said.

“If these principles are ignored there will be problems because Swapo members are not in the party because of the leaders but because of the principles which the party stands for.” He added: “As we speak, the Swapo we joined those years and the Swapo of today are two different organisations, all because of the leadership.” Kaaronda, who says he is still a card-carrying member of the ruling party, also warned that being in disagreement with the party leadership should not be seen as if someone is in revolt. But he emphasised that opportunists are being harboured in Swapo.

“There are so many opportunists in the party these days, you even find some people claiming they are more Swapo than the party itself. But like always, opportunists will come and go and the party will remain,” he said.

According to Kaaronda, everything should not be about ministerial positions. Rather, Swapo must strive to serve the nation.

Source : New Era