Swapo Welcomes 15 New White Members

People across all racial lines continue to join the ruling party, amidst wide-held misperceptions that the party is mainly for one race.

Swapo Party on Friday showed its political muscle when it welcomed 15 new members from the white community into its ranks.

In welcoming the new members an excited Swapo Secretary General, Nangolo Mbumba, said Swapo does not belong to any language group, ethnicity or race. He told the new members that their citizenship is as good as that of any other Namibian.

“Thank you very much for deciding to join this government. Be good to others and work hard to develop your country,” said Mbumba.

Most of the new group are businesspersons and Mbumba urged them to join hands with the government to address the development of the country.

“As business people you should be aising government on matters relating to the economy,” Mbumba said.

Mbumba also urged the new members to actively campaign for the party to ensure a landslide victory during the National Assembly and presidential polls slated for November this year.

Speaking to New Era after she was officially welcomed, Magda Smith said: “I am very happy to be part of the ruling party. My aim is to make a difference and help the less fortunate.”

Asked what her take was on talk that whites are more interested in the economy than the country’s political affairs, she responded: “People [white community] are misinformed, but at least now I am in the party after being well informed, and this will also help me to inform others accordingly. People should take note that it is not about colour or race anymore, it is about us all as Namibians.”

“We all need each other to grow the country and therefore we need to take hands to further grow,” she said.

Smith said: “I promote Swapo because it ensures that our country remains peaceful and stable. The stability is important for economic growth because the business community is able to enjoy a very conductive environment.”

“Swapo also offers unity for all Namibians to ensure that we grow together as a true nation,” Smith said.

Source : New Era