Swapo welcomes new members in Aminuis

AMINUIS: Swapo-Party Secretary-General (SG) Nangolo Mbumba says Swapo supporters in Aminuis will not to be intimidated by rumours and falsehoods allegedly spread by mainly opposition parties in the constituency.

Mbumba, who was in Aminuis on Saturday to welcome new members into the party, said the party’s track record speaks for itself and no false stories spread to discredit Swapo will succeed.

The Swapo SG told those gathered not to be misled into abandoning the party, adding that they should stand firm by their principles and vote for the party they trust.

“We know that when people come to Swapo in large numbers like these, others get scared and worried. They start thinking of anything possible to discredit the good name of the Swapo party, but they will not succeed because we have nothing to hide in Swapo. Let our record shut them up,” he said.

A total of 495 people joined Swapo from various constituencies of the Omaheke Region such as Otjombinde, Kalahari and Aminuis.

The bulk of the new members, 250, came from Aminuis. A similarly large number of those who joined Swapo on Saturday came from the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP). They are former Swapo members who had defected to the RDP shortly after its formation in 2007.

An unspecified number of new members also came from the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo).

Robert Muree Mbingana from the Otjombinde Constituency, who was amongst RDP’s prominent campaigners in the Omaheke Region over the past three years or so, said he decided to “come back home”.

According to Mbingana, the RDP has failed to deliver on most of its promises of service delivery and good governance which it had advocated for when it was formed.

“After realising that the ideals of the RDP were not in tune with what some of us stand for, it was time to come back home to the Swapo-Party. We come back home with open hearts to continue where we left off before joining other parties,” he said.

Mbumba warned new members to the party to abide by the rules and structures of the Swapo party, as indiscipline will never be condoned within the rank and file of the party.

The new members were welcomed by Mbumba, Immanuel Ngatjizeko – the Chairperson of the Swapo National Leaders assigned to the Omaheke Region, and Swapo Regional Coordinator for the Omaheke Region, Kejamuina Mungendje.