Swapo Will Beat Opposition – Geingob

SWAPO vice president Hage Geingob says opposition parties are not a threat to Swapo and the ruling party will win the coming national elections resoundingly.

Geingob was speaking at a Swapo Party campaign rally for the Ohangwena constituency by-election at Helao Nafidi on Saturday. “Do not feel threatened by those so-called opposition groupings, because we are going to beat them one-by-one in the upcoming elections. We will only give them 1% of the total votes. They will not defeat us in any way,” said Geingob who is the most likely Swapo’s presidential candidate by virtue of being the party’s vice president.

The Prime Minister also called on all those who left Swapo and formed their own parties to come back, saying: “Swapo will always be your home”. He further said that Swapo has brought the people of Ohangwena region and the country, at large, a lot of development since independence, in form of 28 schools in Ohangwena region and provision of clean running water.

“Let us learn about democracy. Swapo is an attested party with attested people. People can hoist their party flags anywhere they want. No one will stop them but if they put up one flag, Swapo will put up two. That is how dominant Swapo is,” Geingob said.

The Ohangwena governor, Usko Nghaamwa, urged the people to vote for Swapo. “We want to occupy all the seats in the parliament because we want Swapo to be alone in there. We do not need any opposition party in parliament next year,” said Nghaamwa.

Source : The Namibian