Swartbooi in the Pot for Karas

THE Karas governor, Bernadus Swartbooi, has comfortably won the male nomination race to represent Swapo Party during the upcoming electoral college.

Swartbooi was elected at the Karas Swapo Party extraordinary elective conference at Keetmanshoop on Saturday where Taimi Kanyemba was also elected as the second and the female representative.

Out of the 40 votes cast, according to party sources, Swartbooi received 32 electoral votes, while his opponents Oranjemund businessman Israel Kalenga and Silas Shituula got six and two votes respectively.

Swartbooi was nominated by Luumlderitz, Karasburg West, Keetmanshoop Rural and Keetmanshoop Urban, Berseba and Karasburg East Swapo Party districts.

However, Berseba and Karasburg East nominations were rejected by the party’s regional executive as the districts had failed to convene their district executive meetings.

As part of the party’s call for 5050 gender representation, women contested in a separate race which pitted Aussenkehr Swapo Party branch member Kanyemba, Laurencia Stephanus and Hilaria Mukapuli.

In the first round, Kanyemba and Stephanus had a tie with 14 votes, while Mukapuli got 12 votes. In the second round, Kanyemba received 27 votes to Stephanus’ 12.

Officiating at the elective conference, Karas Swapo Party assigned leader, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, urged the participants not to regard elections as a “battlefield” but rather as a democratic exercise.

“We must accept the multiplicity of contestants’ principle. We have finished the 2012 congress. We have elected Hage Geingob as our candidate. There is no other candidate,” said Iivula-Ithana.

For his part, Karas Swapo Party regional coordinator, Matheus Itavaleni Mumbala, reminded the party members to remain united.

He described the electoral college as ‘sensitive’, saying that “all of us want to be in the pot to become MPs, but all of us can’t be leaders at all times”.

Meanwhile, Swapo Party in Hardap is expected to hold its regional elective conference next weekend to elect its representative to the party’s electoral college.


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Congratulation Hon Bernadus Swartbooi the man is working for the nation, results are there to be seen in the region. We need more leaders like him in our land of the brave – dries | 2014-07-14 08:28:00 || Comment id: 45041

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