t least 350 in Kunene seeking transport to Riruako burial

OPUWO: The committee organising the mourning of the late OvaHerero Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako in the Kunene Region has so far registered 350 people who are interested in attending his funeral at Okahandja.

The late Chief Riruako died in the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek on 02 June this year.

The chairperson of the organising committee, Karee Mupya told Nampa on Wednesday they have requested four buses from the office of the Governor of the Kunene Region, Joshua //Hoebeb to transport community members to the funeral, which takes place at Okahandja on 29 June.

Mupya added that the number of people interested in going might increase as there are a lot of other villages that have indicated their community members’ interest in attending the funeral.

The committee is however yet to receive the names of those hoping to go to Okahandja from villages such as Etanga and Epupa.

Meanwhile in Opuwo, activities planned for the mourning period are continuing.

A parade was held on Wednesday where members of all three flags took part in a procession from the temporary Okomando to the Otuzemba residential area and back to town in honour of the late Chief.

On Thursday, traditional leaders from all traditional houses were set to deliver speeches of condolences, while on Friday Riruako’s history will be told by different historians.

Hoebeb on Thursday confirmed that the organising committee in Opuwo handed in a request for transport at his office on Monday.

The request has been forwarded to the relevant authorities in Windhoek who are tasked with organising the late Chief’s State funeral.