Taken Away At 19

PEOPLE speak about moving on but until the Rooinasie and Cloete families find the answers to the gruesome death of their 19-year-old daughter and sister Desiree Rooinasie, this will not happen.

Desiree’s killers cut their way into her shack in the Goreangab area and allegedly raped her before killing her.

Her death a year ago, brought shock waves and rage that resulted in a heartbreak for her puzzled mother Sophia Cloete who told The Namibian this week at their home in Wanaheda that people who knew Desiree will confirm that an angel was taken away.

Sophia describes Desiree as a loner and that when she got a job, she moved out of the house because she was an independent person.

Desiree worked as a waitress at a restaurant and six months after she moved out, she was killed in her shack.

Her mother also described her as someone who did not attend family gatherings and always came up with excuses when asked to come home.

“God knows what He is doing. Two years ago when she fell pregnant, I was so upset,” Sophia said.

Desiree, whom Sophia described as a good parent, fell pregnant when she was in Grade 8 and this forced her to drop out of school.

She then called Desiree’s two-year-old daughter, Destiny into the room, and said the child is one of the reasons she remains g.

When the two-year girl, who has laughing eyes, stormed into the house, she ran straight to her grandmother and gave her a hug.

“Everyday I see Desiree through her eyes, especially these days. She was killed on Good Friday, and ironically Destiny was asking about her a few days ago.

“She said she is with angels and God. It was one of those days when I cried,” Sophia said, her upper lip trembling.

Recalling the day her daughter was found dead, Sophia said her husband came home and asked her to accompany him to Desiree’s shack.

“I knew something was wrong but never imagined Desiree had been killed. When we got to her shack, there were a lot of people and still I didn’t think she was in there, dead.

“When I got into her room, my baby’s lifeless body was lying there. I was in so much shock that I did not cry,” she narrated, sobbing.

While Sophia was relating to The Namibian how fresh the memory of her daughter’s death was in her mind, Desiree’s sister Rositha Rooinasie joined her. It was clear that Rositha’s presence calmed Sophia down.

Rositha said she misses her sister very much since they were close.

“She was my best friend and my best sister. I must say I am so angry at the people that ended her life.

“I hate them and I will never forgive them for what they did to her,” Rositha said, tears welling up in her eyes.

After both had calmed down, Sophia said: “Before we start to heal, we have to forgive. I have forgiven Desiree’s killers,” she said.

The police confirmed last year that a suspect was arrested a few weeks after the murder and he has since appeared in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court twice.

Source : The Namibian