Taxi Hijacking On the Rise in Windhoek

HIJACKING of taxis is on the rise in Windhoek as four taxis on average have been hijacked each week for the past six months, police said.

Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi said three of the taxis hijacked last week were recovered on Monday.

“This trend has been going of for some time now and it is really getting us worried. The suspects will strip the vehicles or use them to commit other crimes. The suspects will get into a taxi and hold the driver either at gunpoint or threaten them with a knife. They then push the driver out of the vehicle and drive off,” Kanguatjivi said.

City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said the hijacking hotspots are Soweto and the old Katutura.

“By old Katutura I mean Shandubala, Herero and other locations. We suspect there are two groups hijacking taxis. Some time back we had the same problem, but we successfully arrested them. We are, however, not sure if it is the same guys since we are still investigating this matter,” Kanime said.

He further aised taxi drivers and owners to take precautionary measures as most hijackings take place between midnight and the early morning hours.

Source : The Namibian