Teachers and School Boards Fail Learners – Chief

The Ju’hoansi Traditional Authority chief has blamed some teachers and school boards for the high failure rate of learners in the Tsumkwe constituency.

Chief Bobo Tsemkxao #Oma said during a public meeting at Tsumkwe on Thursday that the majority of teachers and members of school boards do very little to motivate learners so that they are more committed to their schoolwork.

#Oma was speaking in the presence of the deputy minister of education, arts and culture, Anna Hipondoka, who was in the Tsumkwe constituency this week on a familiarisation visit to the Otjozondjupa region.

#Oma said the quality of education given by teachers in Tsumkwe is very weak, stressing that it has largely contributed to the high failure rate experienced in the settlement.

Only four out of 87 grade 12 learners at the Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School (SSS) in 2014 passed that year.

Tsumkwe SSS was last on the national ranking of senior secondary schools in the country in 2014.

“Parents are not informed of their children’s absenteeism. When we send our children to school and school hostels, we expect to hear or receive reports from teachers and school board members on anything to do with our children,” he said.

#Oma said most San parents are often in the bushes gathering wild fruits and roots for food, and only learn when they return that their children have dropped out of school.

He urged teachers and school boards to take charge of learners’ future during school hours, and parents should do the same during holidays.

The traditional leader urged school board members to know the parents of each and every child at their schools, so that once the child is absent for a day the board can inform the parents.

He said that by doing so, an active communication system between parents, learners and school boards andor teachers will exist.

#Oma said the education system in Namibia is effective but those who are supposed to implement it are the ones failing the nation.

The chief alleged that teachers and learners drink together at cuca shops in Tsumkwe, and further accused teachers around Tsumkwe of embarrassing school children by telling them that they are dirty.

#Oma said teachers must understand the poor economic background of the San people in Tsumkwe, adding that if children are told daily they are dirty they will stay away from school.

His views were highly supported by community members who attended the same meeting.

Shortly after that meeting, Hipondoka convened a teachers’ meeting at the Tsumkwe SSS and called on them to maintain a professional relationship with learners.

“Don’t drink with your learners, you must be exemplary to them,” she said.

However, Hipondoka praised the Tsumkwe teachers who operate in rural schools under difficult conditions.

She urged them to work hard and keep up the good job.

Acting Otjozondjupa regional education director Albertina-Peneyambeko Nangolo accompanied the deputy minister during her visit to Tsumkwe.

Tsumkwe is situated 260 kilometres east of Grootfontein in the Otjozondjupa region.

– Nampa

Source : The Namibian