Telecom Namibia Offers Resurged Speedlink Lite

Telecom Namibia announced the launch of its first ever Speedlink broadband packages for residential, small office and home, and small enterprises, providing a thrilling plug and play internet browsing experience with a high speed broadband connectivity feature. The broadband promotion starts this Thursday 20 March and ends 20 June. It is branded Speedlink Lite and allows customers to connect effortlessly to the internet with a range of devices.

Speedlink Lite is made up of Speedlink Data for households and businesses and Speedlink Data Professional with a static IP address, both designed for customers who want seamless data only usage. Speedlink Lite has a data bandwidth speed of minimum 512kbps and a maximum of 10 Mbps whilst Speedlink Data Professional has speeds from 1Mbps up to 10Mbps, affording customers the opportunity to choose any of the unlimited internet packages desired.

The Speedlink Lite packages have 8 distinct data only offerings with unlimited usage, giving customers more choice. Prices start from as little as N$245 per month for a 512k package up to N$4,048 per month for a 10Mbps package for a 36 month period contract.In the interim, Telecom Namibia will not provide customer premises equipment meaning that customers will have the option to purchase their own modems separately in full or hire purchase.

Said Isak Ouseb, Senior Manager for Product Management:”Customers will be provided with data and internet services only without any value added service..”He that people are increasingly consuming the internet using their smartphone devices or tablets for surfing the web and staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues through emails, messengers and or social networking sites.”Our new Speedlink Lite packages will target these specific requirements and continue to deliver great value to customers,” he concluded.An installation fee of N$222 is applicable in Windhoek and N$333 outside Windhoek.

Source : Namibia Economist