Tennis Development Goes North

The FNB Namibia Tennis Association Development Program conducted a tennis teachersvolunteer course and FNB Development Tournament in the Oshana Region on 29 and 30 May.

A teachersvolunteer course took place in order to help teachers to start tennis at their schools and have an understanding of the basic coaching skills.

Participants from eight schools from U10 to U14 took part in a Play and Stay tournament. Winners in their respective age groups received medals, but this format also allow schools to compete against each other in team competitions.

At the conclusion of the event Sam Kaulinge, NTA vice president, remarked that “tennis development in the Northern region is a priority for the NTA. In order to grow tennis in the Oshana region clubs need to form and facilities need to be upgraded.”

He also thanked the Namibian Sports Commission and the Namibian School Sport Union for its full-hearted support to develop tennis in the North.

“The Namibian Tennis Association would like to thank them for their backing and we hope to see tennis flourish in the North in the not so far future” Sam Kaulinge said.

The results of the FNB Development Tournament were as follows:

U10 Girls Individual competition

Dennis Kalimbo

Anna Nehenia

Velentina Correeja

U10 Boys Individual competition

Jaden Scoeman

Risto Abdullah

Caylum Koopman

U12 Girls Individual competition

Penehapo Shindingo

Aini Ii pumbu

Josephine Manasc

U12 Boys Individual competition

Tilonga Shopa

Elia Ttja

ZaChary TiRoth

U14 Boys Individual competition

Wilbert Hamunime

Benny Hambodi

Louis Newawa

U14 Girls Individual competition

Azinaida Frans

Zaniline Kambunga

Rina Haikali

School Team competition

Charles Anderson Primary School

Mweshipandeka Secondary School

Integrity Primary School

Source : The Namibian