The Bold and Beautiful Present Their Skills At Gymkhana

Boldly ridden and excellently executed final clear rounds over a height of 1.15 metres by youngsters Suleika Hasse on Bodenhausen Carla and Salom Nghinamito on Bastos Bodenhausen Inkognito provided a fitting end to the weekend’s FEI Group IX Gauntlet competition at Windhoek’s Gymkhana Club grounds.

They also elicited a huge smile from course builder and Bodenhausen stud owner Cord Cordes, who had gone to great lengths to ensure that the gauntlet courses were built to the standards expected from each country within the 14 member FEI Group IX competing in this event, which allows amateur show jumpers from different countries to measure their achievements against each other.

Hasse and Nghinamito proved they are well-prepared to represent Namibia at the Group IX Inter Africa Cup at Kayalami Park in South Africa from the 26 to 28 June as part of the showjumping and dressage team that also includes Sophia Louw, Laura Braune, Maike Schommarz, Candice Behrens and Sonja Kipping-Thirion.

It will be wait and see, however, whether the final tally of four penalties over four rounds will be enough to catapult them into the top overall placings among the 100 odd riders from sub-saharan Africa, who are still expected to “throw the gauntlet”.

The gauntlet over 105cm saw Selina Schneider and Beatle Bomb clearing all fences in the four-round competition to take the junior category, while Detlef Fischer was able to muster all his experience to take his young fiery mare Davetsaub Diana to a final four penalty win in the adult category.

An excellent four clears showing in the gauntlet over 95cm by Finnish national Kaisa Miettinen, who recently graduated from the International School in Windhoek, provided a fitting end to her stay in Namibia before heading off to Europe for studies, her gelding Claratal Goldregen going back to his Namibian breeders.

“We are sad to see a wonderful asset to the Namibian equestrian community leave, but we wish Kaisa all the best for her future. May she be able to continue riding,” said Gigi Mathias secretary general of the Namibian Equestrian Federation (Namef).

Gymkhana Club Windhoek also played host to the annual FNB Namibian Dressage Championships, which culminated in Sunday’s musical rides coupling beautifully ridden elements with fitting music thus providing spectators with a feast for the senses.

Coastal rider Sarita Rossouw on her grey pony Okakambe Mogli was crowned Namibian champion in the children’s event, while Nadine Flemming on Seeis Eymet fulfilled expectations by taking the Junior Championship.

It was a close battle in the adult competition with both Franziska Leinberger (Merlot) and Sonja Kipping-Thirion (Dageraad Cassius) achieving marks close to or just above 70 percent. Ultimately it was Leinberger’s experience that allowed her to pip her fellow competitor to the post with a mere 3.91 points over three dressages.

Next on the Namef calendar is the annual Otjiwarongo showjumping, dressage and equitation event from 19-21 June.

Source : The Namibian