The Different Faces of Woermann Brock

WHILE there are clear differences to be seen between the Woermann Brock supermarkets, hyper shops and the whole sale stores, other differences have been noticed between the shops, especially in regard to their cleanliness, hygiene and organisation.

The Ae Gams Supermarket in Klein Windhoek offers a very welcoming, fresh and clean atmosphere and a variety of products are available to the shopper.

A Woermann Brock merchandising executive Graeme Schaufer said the reason they stock certain products at certain chains is merely based on demand.

“We stock German products, for example, at Ae Gams, because they are more in demand there, rather than stocking where they will just be written off as a loss because people are not buying them,” he said.

Thus, walking into the Woermann Brock Supermarket in Wanaheda does not draw the same satisfaction one gets from walking into the Ae Gams outlet. The entrance alone is nowhere near as clean as the entrance of the Eros or the Ae Gams outlets.

Compared to the freshly baked and appealingly packed doughnuts and pastries put out on a table in the Woermann Brock store in Eros, the Wanaheda shop has one shelf of plastic wrapped goods from the bakery. The bakery area at the Hochland Park shop is no different – a small table with cupcakes, and shelves with untidily packed loafs of bread is what sticks out.

A number of Wanaheda residents have complained about the way the store in their neighbourhood is kept compared to the one in Eros or Klein Windhoek.

“I have been to the Woermann Brock in Klein Windhoek and I am sure those people who shop there will not even want to buy a loaf of bread from our shop here,” Wanaheda resident Mathilda Eises said.

Schaefer said although there are obvious things that will be different when it comes to the different shops, there should be no difference when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance.

He added that they are currently working on upgrading all shops to meet the standards of quality of Woermann Brock.

“I am visiting all the shops and we are looking at everything to bring all shops to the same level. This is a big thing and will take some time,” he said.

Source : The Namibian