The Ideal Book for a Teacher

A new book that encourages teachers and principals to take charge of their classrooms has hit the shelves.

Titled ‘Taking Charge of My Classroom and School’ the scholarly book is authored by Saki Nikodemus, who said the inspiration for the book is the future generation of Namibia “because I gly believe that the future of any nation is … the quality of its youth.” The book is a prescribed textbook in the Faculty of Education of the University of Namibia.

“I was thinking about the Namibian child and then I said if our children are to grow up as responsible accountable adults, those who are responsible for teaching them, for shaping them and moulding them, they also will need to have an attitude and understanding of the power they carry in developing these tender minds,” said Nikodemus.

At the launch of the book on Monday, the Minister of Education Dr David Namwandi commended Nicodemus for the work, while describing the author as a son of the soil, a man of vision, a man who believes in the future of the Namibian child. “I want to see this book in all the corridors of the Namibian education system, let it be utilised,” urged the minister.

“Nikodemus delivers in this provocative book the secret to unlocking the leadership potential and abilities in our schools. Our schools are endowed with a tremendous wealth of potential that can be harnessed in order to improve the conditions in our schools, especially in relation to effectiveness,” said Namwandi

Namwandi said year in and year out the country loses scientists, doctors, professors and many other professionals to developed nations because of not appreciating the skills it has. Thus addressing the challenges confronting the education system demands multi-pronged approaches, strategies, innovation and creativity.

“I have mentioned it several times in the past, and I wish to reiterate again tonight, the education of the Namibian child cannot be left to the Ministry of Education alone,” the minister stressed.

Source : New Era