The Issue of Understudies [opinion]

Adopting the culture of empowering understudies should be promoted at all costs across the board, especially in the Namibian private sector where there is a lot of expatriate labour. This is a positive way to build a stable and vibrant economy, one that has the capacity to do basically everything in comparison to other flourishing developed nations.

To do this we should develop a policy where the understudies, either to a senior, an executive, or minister, are trained and made to gain experience by assisting in portfolio roles so that they gain experience for career progress, equipping them with the skills to hold possible positions in the future.

To maintain a g economy, policymakers must make sure they know how to satisfy and retain their skilled people (we do not like brain drains, no one does). We often make the mistake of thinking employees are only after financial reward and overlooking the high intrinsic value workers place on they careers. The type of training that I would like us Namibians to promote is that of mentoring understudies so that there is a flow of the right and capable people in the system. Let’s try to do our work ourselves, its safer and a sign of true independence.

Source : New Era