The ‘Passion’ of Photography

Photography is not just “click, click, click”, said Djunior, but rather “an art”. ‘Passion’ presents a photographic exhibition highlighting the skills taught by Djunior Svane’s photography course at the FNCC.

Djunior Svane is an experienced photographer with over 22 years in the business. This exhibition embodies works from students Linda Mbangula, Reaginia Hamunjela, Lorenccedilo, Miguel Neto, Sonja Hoth, Letitia Vilho, Ines Mathews, CJ Bez, Monique de Scande, Annatjie Louw, Solange Sebastiao, Gizela da Cunha, and Sophie Laage.

The exhibition opens tonight at 18h30 at La Bonne Table Restaurant and will run until 28 February. Entrance is free.

The FNCC and Djunior Svane host photography classes and workshops in digital photography. Call the FNCC reception on 061387330 for more information.

Source : The Namibian