The World Cup Hype, Is It Affecting Relationships

With the 2014 World Cup currently on, there have been “discussions” on whether these matches will have an effect on relationships. There have been claims that some shady people or especially husbands will likely use the World Cup as a cover for mischiefs. The craze associated with World Cup is so grand that simple fights over the remote control become the order of the day.

Ndina Mutongolume (22)says, “There is all this excitement about the World Cup because football is the most loved sports if I am wrong. But I don’t think that its hype should strain relationships. I think instead the whole excitement should bring couples together. This should be the time for couples to go out and watch the game together and have fun or enjoy the game in the comfort of their homes. It’s even more exciting if the couple supports differing teams.

Lapiti Shitaleni (26) a full time housewife here in Eenhana says that she actually don’t love soccer but she can’t force herself to watch a game even for a minute but that does not mean she will stand in the way of anyone who enjoys it. “Simple aice to other women who don’t enjoy the sport, let the soccer fans be, whether it’s your husband or boyfriend, the World Cup is craze and will be around for just few weeks and before you know it, it’s gone and life is back to normal,” she says

Sauma Shikongo thinks this is time for couples to bond and enjoy the sport than have fights over what time the spouse came home from watching a match. “I would aice some women who are not football fans to embrace more of the game now and learn different rules about the game. By the end of the World Cup season, they will have grasped a lot and they will end up accompanying their boyfriends to watch other exciting football leagues in Namibia that will be underway. There is nothing beautiful as watching a score game with someone who understands it. If it’s a sacrifice they are willing to learn the game. I know they will love it in the long run. But the world cup craze should not affect relationships at all,” she believes

Maria Nghiimbwasha (25), an Office Administration trainee at the Eenhana Vocational Training Centre says, “Personally, I don’t see the problem with the timing of the World Cup games or the hype in regards to affecting relationships. We have to expect the craze because it happens once every four years. I aise couples out there to join their spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends and enjoy the moment than spend time having petty fights. Like for instance the schedule for the games, it’s time zone factor and it’s not that football fans that have planned with FIFA to have the games schedules late in the night”.

Nalisa Kapembe says she would pretend if she sat on the couch to watch football. “I think that I would stock up on movies, series and books and leave him to enjoy himself as I enjoy my own stuff. I know so well that I can’t win in the debate about shows versus his games so I would just let him have his way. The good thing about such tournaments is that guys don’t actually pick interest in each other and every game, so that is the balanced way for both parties to enjoy TV. You watch when he isn’t. I can assure you, after the World Cup, I will be the sole owner and user of that remote.”

Laina Nakamwe, a Hair Dresser says, “Although I can watch few games here and there but I don’t think the World Cup craze should affect relationships. I think when you care about someone so much, you respect their views and passion towards certain aspects and a sport could be one of them. Instead of fighting, I think you can join in on the fun”.

Cecilia Shiwoovanhu (26) also says, “Honestly speaking I can’t stand the fuss about World Cup. There is nothing as irritating as seeing professionals and grown- ups busy arguing over how one team played, how they were cheated to the extent that they want to go for each other’s throats. If only they could spare us because the noise they make is uncalled for”.

She further notes that relationships will be affected because of the World Cup, especially in situations where a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend is not a football fanatic. There will be a need to set some ground rules that are agreeable for the couple. For instance, if there is a situation where the husband decides to bring his soccer friends to watch the games from home every single day, that will be straining for the wife or girlfriend thus affecting the relationship. Nothing can be done about the timing of the game. If he finds his way to another television, we won’t have a problem. But I am not giving up my programmes for a game that one is for certain”.

Cecilia Shiwoovanhu (26) says that there is nothing as irritating as seeing professionals and grown -up men busy arguing over how one team played.

Lapiti Shitaleni (26) aises fellow women who don’t enjoy the sport to let the soccer fans enjoy it.

Maria Nghiimbwasha (25), says the World Cup hype should not affect relationships, rather couples should watch this tournament together.

Ndina Mutongolume (22) says the World Cup hype should not affect relationship because it comes and go only to return after four years.

Source : New Era